Archival Film Collections
Offret / The Sacrifice (Andrej Tarkovskij, 1986). Photo: The Swedish Film Institute.

Accessing the collections – festivals and cinemas

The on-line booking form for borrowing DCP's is only applicable for screenings in Sweden. For accessing DCP's for screenings outside Sweden, please use the contact given below.

Analogue prints from the collections are available for screenings at festivals and external theatres if we have more than one viewing print of the requested film.

The following conditions apply when borrowing archival prints:

  • The borrower has to sign a Print Loan Agreement whereby the borrower pledges that the print will not be projected on a platter system, that no splices will be made and that any change-over cues applied are removable. Head and tail leaders must not be cut off from any reel, and each reel must be returned heads out with base side facing the core, securely fastened with tape. We have the right to charge the borrower for replacement costs should any damage be detected upon the print’s return. The print must be screened in the correct aspect ratio and at the correct projection speed.
  • The borrower must get a screening authorisation from the film’s rights holder. A copy of such an authorisation (fax or e-mail) must be provided to the archive before any print is released from our vaults. We are happy to assist in locating rights holders.
  • We charge a combined handling and visual inspection fee of SEK 2 200 for feature-length films and SEK 1 100 for short films. For screenings of Swedish films we only charge a handling fee of SEK 700 for feature-length films and SEK 350 for short films.
  • All shipping costs are to be met by the borrower.

Under exceptional circumstances we may agree to archival prints being spliced when projected.

Prints from the collections have to be booked with the archive at least ten days prior to the screening.

The catalogue of our holdings is available on all public computers in the SFI Library. If you are unable to visit our library, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

All prints should be returned to the following address:

Svenska Filminstitutet – Despatch centre
Borgvägen 3
115 53 Stockholm
Attn. Annelie Eklöf
Ph: +46-(0)8-665 11 37

Archival Film Collections

Phone: +46-(0)8-665 11 00