Funding from the Swedish Film Institute

Funding for drama series

Funding for drama series is aimed primarily at development and should only be awarded to quality productions comprising at least three 44-minute episodes. The funding should be used to develop quality Swedish drama series and the aim, through prolonged, in-depth development, is to promote continuity and renewal and to raise the general quality of Swedish drama series productions.

Who can apply?

Funding is only awarded to Swedish production companies that can provide an ambitious plan for distributing the drama series and have film and TV production as their main business.

Amounts of funding and tiers

The drama series must comprise at least three episodes that are each at least 44 minutes long. Funding may only be granted for development costs up to the point a production decision is made.

Tier 1 maximum SEK 150,000

Swedish production companies may apply for a first tier of up to SEK 150,000. The funding is for developing the synopsis/treatment and storylines, and possibly an initial version of one or more episodes depending on the length and format.

Tier 2 maximum SEK 500,000

May only be applied for by a Swedish production company with an established producer, in accordance with Chapter 8 § 2 of the Film Agreement, a natural person who has produced at least two feature length films, or two drama series, or one feature length film and one drama series. The funding should primarily be for further development of the script and various other development costs such as research, casting, budgeting, tests and similar.

Tier 3 maximum SEK 3,000,000

A final tier of maximum SEK 3 million may be applied for by a Swedish production company with an established producer which has at least 30% confirmed funding from a TV broadcaster or similar distribution channel. The funding should be used for the final version of the script, fees for the producer, line producer, director, casting and various other pre-production costs.

In addition to Tiers 1, 2 and 3, funding of a maximum of SEK 1 million may be awarded for pilot/test scenes provided previous funding has been received. The total maximum funding amount (inc. pilot/test scenes) is SEK 3.5 million per project.


Applications for funding are made by completing a form (available in Swedish only) with enclosures, and are sent by post to the relevant Film Commissioner. The application must state the amount of funding being sought.

There are four application opportunities a year: 2 February, 4 May, 24 August and 2 November.


Funding applications are processed and assessed by the Film Commissioners in collaboration with the production funding department. Applicants will receive a response within six weeks.

Please note that producers who have not provided accounts for previous drama series funding are not entitled to apply for new funding until a full accounting has been made.

Petra Jönsson

Production Controller Feature Film

Phone: +46 8 665 11 79